Planning to Pop the Question this Valentine’s Day?

Ahhh…February 14th; the most romantic holiday of the year! If you are gearing up to pop the big question to your loved one, you’re certainly not alone! While it may be a commercial holiday, many couples still view it as the most romantic day to celebrate love for one another…and what says “I love you” better than a Valentine’s proposal!


How can you make it that perfect proposal? The kind of story your significant other can’t wait to tell everyone?


Here are a few tips to create the perfect atmosphere for a beautiful proposal! 

1. If your sweetheart comes from a traditional background, it may be more appropriate to ask for her hand in marriage prior to the proposal. Such an act shows your future in-laws that you value their blessing, and ultimately it shows the level of respect you have towards them.

2.  Ensure you have planned ahead of time arrangements and the time you’re planning to propose. Nothing would be worse than preparing your proposal on a specific day, only to find out your loved one will be away at a friends birthday party. That might seem unlikely, but it does happen! Try to choose a date and time that you’re confident will be interruption free.

3. Use the media to show-off your sacred moment.  Your local radio, TV or newspaper may be looking for a romantic story to feature on Valentine’s Day. Everyone loves a love story…especially on Valentine’s Day!

4. Choose a theme and/or place that reflects your unique relationship. While there will be others proposing the same day, no one has the same love story. Retrace your relationship and make the moment special about who you are and what you have experienced as a couple.


What would make your proposal even better?

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