Say “I do” to an Off-season Wedding in Barrie

Traditionally when a couple has plans to tie the knot, the big day most commonly takes place during the fall or summer months.  What you might not realize however, is that when you choose to get married during these seasons, you also wind up paying a premium fee for your wedding entertainment, catering, and venue.  Why’s that? Because everyone else is thinking the same thing you are!  By choosing a wedding date that does not land smack-dab in the midst of wedding season, you increase your options tenfold.

Here are just a few advantages of having an off-season wedding at the Lion’s Gate Banquet Hall in Barrie:


Venue Availability

Nothing’s worse than setting your eyes on a beautiful wedding venue, only to find out the dates of your choice are unavailable due to other bookings. May-October are very popular months for bookings, so to increase your chances of landing that special lodge on the lake, consider changing your date to fall between the months of January and March.  No vendor wants to turn away a bride and groom because of unavailability; the great news is this issue rarely occurs when you choose to hold a winter/spring wedding. So don’t put off your wedding 12 or 18 months until that perfect venue becomes available!


Lower Costs
Going against the norm, brides reap for the added bonus of significant off-season cost savings. Pricing is generally much lower for wedding venues, hotel rooms, photographers, caterers and even florists. Because the cooler months mean slower business for wedding vendors, your ability to negotiate services at a discounted rate is truly in your favour. Most vendors are more than happy to provide a couple with lower fees this time of year.


Get the Perfect Wedding Dress
First and foremost, a winter or spring bride can take advantage of end of summer dress sales! Wedding dresses tend to be hard on the wallet, and planning a wedding is a financial commitment as is! Why not save wherever possible right? After the holiday months, beautiful party dresses ideal for bridesmaids also tend to be on sale. Consider the fun capelets or cover-ups you can shop for to keep you warm and cozy to and from the reception or ceremony


Increase in Attendees

The summer months are notorious for being busy! Whether it be cottaging, camping, or attending a wedding, it’s safe to say the sunny season is also a hectic one! Unfortunately when you hold your big day during June to September, you need to be prepared that there will be loved ones unable to attend because of other commitments. Why be faced with news that your favorite cousin, or best friend can’t make it to your exciting day? Planning your wedding during the off-season months, usually leads to a higher attendance rate.


A tropical escape is the number one honeymoon location for newlyweds. Wouldn’t you rather celebrate your new life together lounging on the beach, and wading in the pool when the weather temperatures are colder here?  Exactly.


Make your wedding a Marchimony to remember! At Casal Catering, our March wedding package offers all of the amenities and delectable meal items to make your big day a flawless one! We at Casal Catering want to help you save in any way possible; this special offer is one you’ll want to take advantage of. Plan your off-season wedding with us today! Contact us now to reserve your date.

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