Avoid a Catering Mishap with these 5 Tips

So you’ve researched several catering companies in Barrie and after considering all the options, you have picked the winning caterer for your big event!  A big stress that has been weighing on you has now been lifted…what a great feeling! The caterer provides an amazing menu, you’re pleased with the decorations, and it appears all aspects seem to be in place for an organized, flawless day.

 While the essentials have been covered, to get the very most out of your event, it’s crucial to establish a great relationship with your caterer prior to day’s events. So how can you accomplish this? Here are a few quick tips from the team at Casal Catering in Barrie:

1. Communicate: This is the most crucial thing to keep in mind; without clear communication between both parties, it’s easy for confusion to arise which may cause complications during your event. Be sure you have clearly determined the event schedule, whether it be the presentation, meal timing, or clean-up hours.  Clearly communicate your plans with the caterer so everything can fall into place without a problem.

2. Understand terms for yourself and your Barrie catering company: Talk to your caterer about how involved you wish to be throughout the event. The idea here is that both parties are on the same page in terms of how details and tasks will be shared, so nobody is stepping on anyone’s toes. By ensuring your catering company understands your exact expectations you should be able to confidently enjoy the event.

3. Don’t be scared to ask questions: If something is on your mind, or you are worried about a particular component such as whether there will be enough food or if it will remain hot for your guests, simply ask your catering team. They are the experts, and that’s exactly what their services are for. Generally, if you’ve hired a professional catering company, these concerns have already been addressed. But it’s crucial you share any doubts with your catering company immediately to avoid disappointment. 

4. Be specific: If you have guests who require special needs such as unique dietary requirements, you’ll want to be clear about each person’s exact needs. Communicating these special requests will ensure your Uncle Frank won’t be exposed to eggs and your Grandmother’s salad dressing will be served on the side. However big or small these details may be, these are facts your catering team must be aware of so that all guests are entirely satisfied with their meal.  

5. Make sure your caterer is familiar with the venue:  While this shouldn’t be an issue, it’s always wise to confirm the team is aware of any policies, procedures, or barriers the venue has in place. At Casal Catering we are familiar with a selection of very trusted, Barrie and area venues that are perfect for any occasion and any group!

Whether you are planning a corporate affair, wedding or birthday party, Casal Catering will assist with all elements needed, that contribute to a successful and enjoyable event!

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