Casal Catering’s Top 10 Vegetables for the Summer

We’re not officially in the summer season according to the calendar but the hot weather is here and there’s a variety of fresh new vegetables that are coming into their prime season. We’ve scoured the web and found a variety of top10 summer vegetable lists and decided that we would weigh in on it as well. There’s a few vegetables making multiple appearances on the lists but each one has some unique vegetables that could be a great addition to not only your home cooking but also your next catered event! Without further ado, we present Casal Catering’s top 10 list for summer vegetables:


  1. Corn: Technically classified as a grain, most people still see it as a vegetable. Fresh corn on the cob tastes great boiled or grilled and can add a bit of festive colour to any salad!


  1. Yellow & Orange Tomatoes: The traditional red hot house or vine ripened tomato is delicious but why not branch out and try some new colours of tomato. Yellow and orange tomatoes tend to be sweeter and less acidic than their red counterpart. Why not try a yellow and orange gazpacho.


  1. Avocados: Best known as the main ingredient of guacamole this vegetable adds a great firm and creamy texture to any sandwich. Why not try an avocado chicken club on a fresh focaccia bun at your next lunch event.


  1. Artichokes: At first glance it’s not the easiest looking vegetable to eat but it has surprising versatility and is two treats in one. Instead of putting out a bag of chips, why not try a decorative artichoke. The petals are great for dipping and the heart goes great as a dip.


  1. Bell Peppers: Coming in a variety of colours, their flavour is plentiful while it is very light on the stomach. It’s great on its own with dip, added to pasta salads for a nice crunch or fill it with sausage filling and grill.


  1. Radishes: Serve sliced and chilled and it is the ultimate vegetable for strong flavour and a crisp crunch.


  1. Green Beans: Available year round but there’s nothing like stepping out into your own backyard and picking some fresh beans, snapping the tip and eating it right there.


  1. Cucumbers: Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes they are great for making your own pickles, toss them in a little vinegar and pepper and you’ve got a fresh snack in seconds.


  1. Arugula: Move over iceberg and romaine it is time for a new leaf to fill your salad bowl. Pair with flavourful vinaigrettes and some salty cheese and you’ve got a wonderful starter for your lunch or dinner.


  1. Mushrooms: Again like our number 1, not technically a vegetable but still great to throw on the grill as a side to that delicious steak, ribs or chicken you are serving for your main course.


The great thing about all the vegetables in our top 10 list is that they can be eaten fresh with little to no cooking; ensuring you have time to enjoy your time outside or your event. For innovative ways on how Casal Catering can work these summer vegetables into the menu for your next catered event please give us a call, 705-735-2727.


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