Planning to Pop the Question this Valentine’s Day?

Ahhh…February 14th; the most romantic holiday of the year! If you are gearing up to pop the big question to your loved one, you’re certainly not alone! While it may be a commercial holiday, many couples still view it as the most romantic day to celebrate love for one another…and what says “I love you” better than a Valentine’s proposal!


How can you make it that perfect proposal? The kind of story your significant other can’t wait to tell everyone?


Here are a few tips to create the perfect atmosphere for a beautiful proposal! 

1. If your sweetheart comes from a traditional background, it may be more appropriate to ask for her hand in marriage prior to the proposal. Such an act shows your future in-laws that you value their blessing, and ultimately it shows the level of respect you have towards them.

2.  Ensure you have planned ahead of time arrangements and the time you’re planning to propose. Nothing would be worse than preparing your proposal on a specific day, only to find out your loved one will be away at a friends birthday party. That might seem unlikely, but it does happen! Try to choose a date and time that you’re confident will be interruption free.

3. Use the media to show-off your sacred moment.  Your local radio, TV or newspaper may be looking for a romantic story to feature on Valentine’s Day. Everyone loves a love story…especially on Valentine’s Day!

4. Choose a theme and/or place that reflects your unique relationship. While there will be others proposing the same day, no one has the same love story. Retrace your relationship and make the moment special about who you are and what you have experienced as a couple.


What would make your proposal even better?

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Say “I do” to an Off-season Wedding in Barrie

Traditionally when a couple has plans to tie the knot, the big day most commonly takes place during the fall or summer months.  What you might not realize however, is that when you choose to get married during these seasons, you also wind up paying a premium fee for your wedding entertainment, catering, and venue.  Why’s that? Because everyone else is thinking the same thing you are!  By choosing a wedding date that does not land smack-dab in the midst of wedding season, you increase your options tenfold.

Here are just a few advantages of having an off-season wedding at the Lion’s Gate Banquet Hall in Barrie:


Venue Availability

Nothing’s worse than setting your eyes on a beautiful wedding venue, only to find out the dates of your choice are unavailable due to other bookings. May-October are very popular months for bookings, so to increase your chances of landing that special lodge on the lake, consider changing your date to fall between the months of January and March.  No vendor wants to turn away a bride and groom because of unavailability; the great news is this issue rarely occurs when you choose to hold a winter/spring wedding. So don’t put off your wedding 12 or 18 months until that perfect venue becomes available!


Lower Costs
Going against the norm, brides reap for the added bonus of significant off-season cost savings. Pricing is generally much lower for wedding venues, hotel rooms, photographers, caterers and even florists. Because the cooler months mean slower business for wedding vendors, your ability to negotiate services at a discounted rate is truly in your favour. Most vendors are more than happy to provide a couple with lower fees this time of year.


Get the Perfect Wedding Dress
First and foremost, a winter or spring bride can take advantage of end of summer dress sales! Wedding dresses tend to be hard on the wallet, and planning a wedding is a financial commitment as is! Why not save wherever possible right? After the holiday months, beautiful party dresses ideal for bridesmaids also tend to be on sale. Consider the fun capelets or cover-ups you can shop for to keep you warm and cozy to and from the reception or ceremony


Increase in Attendees

The summer months are notorious for being busy! Whether it be cottaging, camping, or attending a wedding, it’s safe to say the sunny season is also a hectic one! Unfortunately when you hold your big day during June to September, you need to be prepared that there will be loved ones unable to attend because of other commitments. Why be faced with news that your favorite cousin, or best friend can’t make it to your exciting day? Planning your wedding during the off-season months, usually leads to a higher attendance rate.


A tropical escape is the number one honeymoon location for newlyweds. Wouldn’t you rather celebrate your new life together lounging on the beach, and wading in the pool when the weather temperatures are colder here?  Exactly.


Make your wedding a Marchimony to remember! At Casal Catering, our March wedding package offers all of the amenities and delectable meal items to make your big day a flawless one! We at Casal Catering want to help you save in any way possible; this special offer is one you’ll want to take advantage of. Plan your off-season wedding with us today! Contact us now to reserve your date.

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Avoid a Catering Mishap with these 5 Tips

So you’ve researched several catering companies in Barrie and after considering all the options, you have picked the winning caterer for your big event!  A big stress that has been weighing on you has now been lifted…what a great feeling! The caterer provides an amazing menu, you’re pleased with the decorations, and it appears all aspects seem to be in place for an organized, flawless day.

 While the essentials have been covered, to get the very most out of your event, it’s crucial to establish a great relationship with your caterer prior to day’s events. So how can you accomplish this? Here are a few quick tips from the team at Casal Catering in Barrie:

1. Communicate: This is the most crucial thing to keep in mind; without clear communication between both parties, it’s easy for confusion to arise which may cause complications during your event. Be sure you have clearly determined the event schedule, whether it be the presentation, meal timing, or clean-up hours.  Clearly communicate your plans with the caterer so everything can fall into place without a problem.

2. Understand terms for yourself and your Barrie catering company: Talk to your caterer about how involved you wish to be throughout the event. The idea here is that both parties are on the same page in terms of how details and tasks will be shared, so nobody is stepping on anyone’s toes. By ensuring your catering company understands your exact expectations you should be able to confidently enjoy the event.

3. Don’t be scared to ask questions: If something is on your mind, or you are worried about a particular component such as whether there will be enough food or if it will remain hot for your guests, simply ask your catering team. They are the experts, and that’s exactly what their services are for. Generally, if you’ve hired a professional catering company, these concerns have already been addressed. But it’s crucial you share any doubts with your catering company immediately to avoid disappointment. 

4. Be specific: If you have guests who require special needs such as unique dietary requirements, you’ll want to be clear about each person’s exact needs. Communicating these special requests will ensure your Uncle Frank won’t be exposed to eggs and your Grandmother’s salad dressing will be served on the side. However big or small these details may be, these are facts your catering team must be aware of so that all guests are entirely satisfied with their meal.  

5. Make sure your caterer is familiar with the venue:  While this shouldn’t be an issue, it’s always wise to confirm the team is aware of any policies, procedures, or barriers the venue has in place. At Casal Catering we are familiar with a selection of very trusted, Barrie and area venues that are perfect for any occasion and any group!

Whether you are planning a corporate affair, wedding or birthday party, Casal Catering will assist with all elements needed, that contribute to a successful and enjoyable event!

Call our office today to find out how Casal can make your next function hassle free. 705.735.2727




5 Reasons to Hire a Barrie Catering Company for Your Event

Although a catering company is just one aspect of your special event, it can contribute to the overall success, and enjoyment of your wedding, social, or corporate event.  While you may be hesitant because of the expense involved, take a look at these 5 quick benefits that come with hiring a Barrie Catering Company to look after your event; you may be surprised to learn that the convenience provided, quickly outweighs the costs.

1. Eliminates Stress: There’s no need to worry about prepping dishes to perfection or worrying about whether there is enough food for your guest; simply sit back, socialize, and enjoy your day with those that attended. A catering company will take on all that pre-party stress for you, so that you can spend quality time with your guests! Unfortunately when you’re the one preparing and serving the meals, it’s difficult to do so.

2. Exceptional Food: This is not to say the food you prepare isn’t up to par! However, when you have a team of professionals that brings years of cooking experience, the variety of delicious menu items prepared to perfection, brings special know-how skills to the table, you can taste!

3. Professional Service: With a qualified team of professionals, catering companies have professional experience. This provides the knowledge that only experience can bring, such as knowing exactly how much food to prepare and knowing about time management. No party host ever wants to run out of food or serve their meals two hours late.

4. It’s Easy: Preparing an event is not an easy task for most people, and it involves a lot of time and consideration. A Barrie catering company will make the planning, execution, and clean-up of your event an easy one! In fact, when you hire a catering company for your wedding or corporate part, there’s no need to worry about the type of food to serve, whether you’ll have enough , or the amount of clean-up that may be required; the catering staff will handle your every need from beginning to end. It truly doesn’t get much easier than that!

5. Makes a Great Impression:  While the impression you’re looking to make will vary based on the type of event, professional chefs take great pride in delivering exquisite delectable’s for every occasion that are not only favorable, they are also presented in an attractive and practical manner that fits the atmosphere. When you hire a Barrie Catering Company, your guests are sure to be impressed!

Casal Catering, Local Barrie Business Launches its Website Redesign

(Barrie, Ontario) September 13th, 2013 – Casal Catering based in Barrie, ON is thrilled to announce the newly designed launch of its company website, featuring information on a range of services provided to the Barrie and Orillia region.

“As a growing, independent business, we realize the importance of an online presence, states Jessica.” People are no longer using the yellow pages to find local businesses; they are turning to the internet as a convenient source of information.  Although we will continue to do plenty of marketing offline through networking and word of mouth, we don’t want any lost opportunities,” continues Jessica.

The revamped website offers a fresh appearance, featuring a user-friendly navigation bar consisting of Casal Catering’s specialized services. Visitors can quickly learn about customized catering packages available for Weddings, Corporate Events, and Social Events.  Catered packages describe a list of menu items offered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition to menu items, one can view all pricing directly on the website.

Besides Catering, the website also provides information on Barrie venues for hosting special events, including their contact information for booking purposes.  The Lion’s Gate, one of the many venue’s Casal Catering works with, is a newly renovated location perfect for Corporate Meetings, Luncheons, Fundraisers, Christmas Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Banquets, and more.  

“We want your event to be an experience to remember, and we are here every step of the way to help make that happen. Choose the atmosphere that best suits you, and we’ll cover any special requirements in regards to layout and timeline,” states Jessica. Casal Catering will arrange a consultation with the venue of your choice, ensuring appropriate arrangements are made, and your event is an enjoyable one!

About Casal Catering
Casal Catering in Barrie, provides exceptional food and service at a reasonable price. They have a broad range of menus that can be customized to suit your venue, budget and palate. Whether you are planning a corporate affair, wedding or birthday party, Casal Catering can assist with all elements required to put your event together.

Find out how Casal Catering can make your next function hassle free. Book your catering needs today.  
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“I wanted to thank you and everyone at Casal for all your help on our wedding. We had an absolutely wonderful day and the food was FANTASTIC! We really enjoyed ourselves, as did all our guests. “

“Over the last 10 years, during the Christmas season, we book the Lions Gate in Barrie: catered by CASAL Catering.  Every year the food is as excellent as it was from the first time, we met CASAL Catering. Great service, friendly staff, a friendly warm hall (which recently has been updated). But best of all is the food.

“I just wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful dinner we enjoyed last Friday night.  Everything was great!  We’ve had some very positive feedback from everyone and all agreed the food was delicious, the service was excellent, and the hall looked beautiful! ”